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MOTOTRBO™ Voice Recording

MOTOTRBO Voice Recording


voice recording

The MOTOTRBO Voice Recording solution allows network administrators to record, log, and playback any calls on MOTOTRBO two way radio networks, for both Radio-to Radio and Phone-to-Radio conversations.

The MOTOTRBO Radio Recording records and logs thousands of hours of voice traffic generated across your MOTOTRBO DMR radio system. This intelligent recording system provides an intuitive web-based graphical interface to record local, or wide area voice traffic in either .mp3 or .wav formats.

MOTOTRBO Voice Recording Web Interface

Via the administrator interface, all call recordings can be easily located and categorised by channel name and sorted by date. Files can be downloaded in .mp3 or .wav format to be played back, and saved for future consultation, or exported to external devices.

MOTOTRBO Voice Recording enables you to track, download, save, and revisit what’s most important to your organisation.

MOTOTRBO Voice Recording Radio Transmissions Benefits

• Customer service assurance by reviewing taken response actions to client requests
• Improved training material with real-life situations
• Minimise legal liability with the ability to replay the recordings of situations of interest
• Increased accountability by reviewing the response of specific workers, or talkgroups
• Enhanced audit trails with audio data of radio-to-radio and phone-to-radio communications

R2R Features

• Intelligent recording: no dead air is captured
• .wav file format for easy download and playback
• Detailed logging & searching information (Channel, Talkgroup, Radio ID, date, time and data stamp)
• Intuitive GUI interface for easy navigation
• Audio Visualizer to see where the audio is during playback of the recorded file
• Large recording capacity: records 1000’s of hours of audio

What type of MOTOTRBO radios are compatible with R2R?

MOTOTRBO Voice Recording is compatible with all Motorola MOTOTRBO™ portables and mobiles in the following radio network modes: