Learn more about the rugged, connected VB400 body camera – designed for security and safety

Introducing the Motorola VB400

Learn more about the rugged, connected VB400 body camera – designed to improve the security and safety of your teams.

By now, you’ve probably heard of or seen the Motorola VB400 body camera, but what is it capable of?

The VB400 is the perfect independent witness for any organisation requiring extra security for their staff. It is designed to make it easy for your team to capture high-quality, first-person video, whether they work in policing, security, or retail.

Improve staff safety and capture crucial evidence

Teams who face aggressive and confrontational encounters daily, are more likely to be put into situations where their well-being is at risk. Therefore, implementing systems that would deter the aggressors while capturing important video and audio evidence is crucial. In many high-intensity situations, the perpetrator is deterred by the mere sight of a body-worn camera, making it easier for your team member to respond to such encounters calmly.

This is where the Motorola VB400 body cameras come in. It’s a durable and reliable solution that can quickly be implemented into any team’s workflow. The VB400 wearable cameras offer high video quality and provide great results even in poorly lit environments, providing peace of mind that the recorded evidence will be distinguishable and valuable.

Motorola VB400 simply record

Key features:

  • Long battery life for full-shift recording
  • Pre and post-record allow the body camera to document vital context
  • Full HD recording in 1080p
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Its peer-assisted recording captures all viewpoints
  • The GPS function helps you to keep an eye on your team
  • Encryption ensures that the video footage is unquestionable
  • Flexible mounts are available to accommodate all types of uniform

Access important evidence from anywhere

The evidence captured on your body cam is easily accessible by empowered teams. When the VB400 wearable camera is docked in the control room, the footage captured on your shift is automatically transferred to the secure Video Manager without any extra work needed from the teams. This makes accessing high-quality video evidence and practising smarter incident response easier and quicker. Strong encryption ensures body-worn camera footage is stored securely and only accessible to relevant individuals. This process allows you to deal with the situation quickly, processing evidence securely.

Capabilities of the VB400

Always ready to record

From the VB400’s diverse mounting options to its rugged outer casing, this body camera is built with your team in mind, no matter how or where they work.

Intuitive operation, immediate results

With its ergonomic design, seamless checkout experience and simple workflows, the VB400 is easy to use daily and ensures your team can capture high-quality evidential video when it’s most important.

See the bigger picture

Whether you’re using a single VB400 or streaming live body-worn and fixed video into one VMS, the VB400’s connectivity enables you to understand the full context of an event and improves situational awareness.

Maintain evidential integrity

Your VB400 automatically encrypts and secures the footage it records, so only authorised users can access it using our backend software, VideoManager, for processing and review purposes.

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