MOTOTRBO™ VB400 Body Camera

DCRS is proud to be a Motorola Solutions Authorised Platinum Elite Specialist Partner. We offer professional body-worn cameras to capture high-quality video and audio evidence, resulting in smarter response when unexpected situations arise.

NEW MotoTRBO VB400 Body-worn camera

Mototrbo body camera solutions help protect staff members and capture important evidence, making it easier to respond to aggressive and confrontational encounters. This way personnel always has undeniable and unbiased footage of what took place in such situations. On top of that, video from body cameras can be accessed from the control room in real-time too, which makes for quicker response times to emergencies and urgent assistance requests. Body-worn cameras are very beneficial for teams working in a variety of industries, for example, retail, healthcare, outdoor or indoor events, and security.

Supplying staff members with body-worn cameras also helps gather training material to enhance situational awareness in difficult future encounters. Because previously captured videos allow staff to gain valuable insight from past situations and see how they performed when under high pressure.

The Motorola VB400 is easy to adapt into the workflow of your teams. Its intuitive and durable design, as well as the possibility to configure ahead of time, makes it that such fixed video security systems require little to no training to reach high performance. On top of that, the bodycams mount multiple ways, making it easy to accommodate all uniforms, without restricting movement or flexibility.

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Key features of the VB400 body worn cameras

  • Shift long battery life
  • Full HD recording in 1080p
  • Rugged build quality and intuitive design
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Peer-assisted recording, which helps capture multiple view points
  • Temperature and water resistant
  • High quality evidential video recording for processing and review purposes helping to maintain evidential integrity. 
VB400 body camera

Simply press record

The VB400 body camera offers ergonomic design with simple, yet high performance functionality – making it the perfect solution to protect front line teams and capture video evidence.

Various configuration options allow staff to customise their body-worn cameras to suit their workflow, as well as start recording before the start of their shift with minimal training required.

Such features offered by Motorola Solutions, alongside the full shift recording, ensure all incidents are captured on time, as well as in multiple vantage points. There are also diverse mounting options available to suit a range of scenarios.


As soon as a VB400 body-worn camera is docked in the control room, any footage stored on it is automatically transferred securely to VideoManager – with no need of further user intervention.

Making it easy to access high quality video evidence and practice smarter incident response. Strong encryption ensures body-worn camera footage is stored securely and only accessible to relevant individuals.

Body cameras empower and protect staff

Motorola Solutions automated recording feature makes it easy to gather more than just first person point of view, peer-assisted recording ensures every perspective is documented. This function also allows VB400 bodycams to be triggered by empowered staff members at a certain distance, this way reducing the workload of first-responding teams.

Motorola VB400 simply record

The NEW MOTOTRBO™ VB400 Body Camera

What is the typical usage scenario for the VB400 body camera?

The VB400 is designed for applications where long battery life and high-quality video evidence capture are essential, making it suitable for law enforcement and security personnel.

What are the key features of the VB400 body camera?

The VB400 boasts rugged build quality, high performance, and multiple connectivity options. It has configurable switches, dual microphones, day/night operation, and various notification options. It also supports peer-assisted recording, holster sensor activation, pre/post-record functions, RFID assignment, bookmarking, GPS tagging, and Bluetooth connectivity.

What management software is compatible with the VB400?
The VB400 is compatible with VideoManager 12.1 or later software. However, please note that it requires a VideoManager license or Cloud Service subscription for full functionality.
Can I replace the battery of the VB400 myself?
No, the VB400 has an integral lithium-polymer battery that is not user-serviceable but is rechargeable.
How long does it take to recharge the VB400 battery, and how long does it last on a full charge?
The VB400 typically recharges in less than 8 hours and can run for up to 12 hours when used with optimum camera settings.
What is the camera's lens capture angle, and does it support low light conditions?
The camera has a lens capture angle of 120° horizontal, 65° vertical, and 140° diagonal. It supports low light conditions down to 0.2 lux.
Are there any options to trigger recording automatically with the VB400?
Yes, you can trigger recording with features like peer-assisted recording (when other VB400s are nearby) and holster sensor activation (when a firearm is unholstered).
Is there a pre/post-record facility available on the VB400?
Yes, the VB400 offers full-shift pre/post-record functionality with up to a 2-minute pre/post-recording buffer.
Can I use RFID to assign cameras to users with the VB400?
Yes, you can use RFID to efficiently allocate cameras to users, enabling pooled issue or RFID-controlled personal allocation.


MOTOTRBO VB400 is capable of capturing events in high-definition – 1080p, 30fps. With the ability to use wide-angle 120° horizontal field of view, to ensure all important details are captured. This body-worn camera is reliable even when using in poor lighting, as it is functional in conditions as dark as 0.2 lux.


MOTOTRBO VB400 has a rugged outer casing, which ensures longevity and protection of captured evidence. Its tough build provides resistance to water, cold and heat – being fully functional in temperatures as low as -20°C  and as high as d +50°C. It has even been given a IP67 rating for protection against wind, rain and snow.


All footage captured on the VB400 is stored and encrypted on the bodycam until it is redocked at the control room. Once it is redocked, the video and audio evidence is offloaded securely and automatically onto Video Manager.