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Purchase Mototrbo Voice & Data Radios, Systems & Applications

Purchase MOTOTRBO voice & data radios, systems & applications – In the UK MOTOTRBO has been delivering innovative digital radio communication systems and application solutions for over 10 years backed up by a history of 90 years from Motorola Solutions.

Supporting a wide variety of market sectors such as Education, Events, Fire and Emergency Medical Services, Healthcare, Hospitality, Law Enforcement, Manufacturing, Mining, Oil and Gas, Retail, Transportation and Logistics and Utilities with staff safety and operational efficiency at the forefront of every product design MOTOTRBO can more than meet your requirements.  To ensure the best solution is provided to you, our client our team of MOTOTRBO experts will discuss every option available from a simple back to back radio solution to a more complex system that involves integration with existing infrastructure and operations.


 A wide portfolio of MOTOTRBO Two way radios, mobiles and repeater base stations are available across multiple options such as outright purchase, lease rental and hire for permanent or short-term requirements

⇒ Scalable Systems –  to increase capacity, receive exceptional voice quality and enhance features which can reach multi-site, citywide and around the globe

 Award-winning software applications to increase the level of efficiency, safety, and productivity throughout your entire enterprise. Whether you need GPS trackingan alarm handler, or job/work order tickets, Motorola Solutions Applications can help support your business requirements to unify your on and off-site processes

 Maintenance Packages –  to support your MOTOTRBO radios, systems and software application for the duration of their life

 Consultancy – As a trusted consultancy to our clients we are continually designing and developing new ways to transform MOTOTRBO radio communication systems that will take it from just a two-way radio to a multi-disciplined tool. Working with a variety of budgets we can offer a solution that is adaptable and cost-effective.

We will support you throughout every level of your MOTOTRBO radio systems lifecycle from the initial delivery, to on-site training for all users and maintenance agreements to keep your two-way radio system/software application performing to its optimal level.