MOTOTRBO offers a range of managed services to ensure that your voice & data radio communication systems are never interrupted. Whether you require additional units on hire to supplement an existing MOTOTRBO two way radio fleet, need to buy/lease additional MOTOTRBO radios, mobiles, repeater base stations, software applications or require maintenance of a current MOTOTRBO system we can help.


Our dedicated team of Motorola Solutions manufacturer trained Sales and Engineering personnel are available to assist you no matter what level of requirement you may have. Contact us today:


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Ready to use as a standalone system, or to complement an existing MOTOTRBO fleet.

With next-day delivery and total flexibility from an industry leader, you can hire MOTOTRBO Radios, Mobiles and Repeater Base Stations on a short, or long-term basis.

Our team will help you explore all the available options in regards to your purchase of new or additional MOTOTRBO Radio System requirements. We offer a full no-obligation test and trial so you can be sure you only buy once and the MOTOTRBO equipment chosen is suitable for your environment.

Maximise your MOTOTRBO radio system and software application performance throughout their lifecycle. All equipment is repaired by our specialist Motorola Solutions trained engineers, so you know you are in the hands of experts. There is also the additional benefit of Service from the Start which can enhance the productivity of your system.

No matter how large or small your organisation MOTOTRBO Systems offer a wide range of systems specifically designed for your business. By integrating both voice and data with digital technology you increase capacity, receive exceptional voice quality and enhance features which can reach citywide and around the globe.


By offering a Digital Two-Way Radio Shopwwatch System in your Town, City or further afield you can fight against fast-moving, professional thieves working in coordinated teams, anti-social behaviour or even terror threats. MOTOTRBO radio systems and applications offer security & safety features as standard – keeping costs to a minimum.


We know that every user has a different requirement and budget, therefore MOTOTRBO can offer you a wide variation of radio products to ensure you receive value for money which in turn allows users to join your Pubwatch System. A well organised MOTOTRBO radio system will assist in the fight against crime, anti-social behaviour or even terror threats ensuring your messages are delivered to other local publicans, council and police teams working in your area when you need it most.


By choosing this option, you have the freedom to take your site(s) to the next level of two-way radio equipment whether that be a system upgrade or integration into another on-site system that requires an application. With no deposit or up-front payment required you can avoid being stuck with outdated, poor performing radio equipment keeping your working capital for day to day requirements and needs.


As a trusted consultant to our clients, we are continually designing and developing new ways to transform radio communication systems that will take it from just a two-way radio to a multi-disciplined tool. Whether it’s time to design a new MOTOTRBO radio system, to improve on an existing or to simply review what is available – MOTOTRBO can help you uncover the best digital radio technology and applications available today.





All MOTOTRBO equipment operates in both analogue and digital modes. Get all the benefits of digital, including better voice quality, better range and better battery life – but retain compatibility with your existing radio fleet. The freedom to migrate to the latest technology at your own pace.


Enable a high volume of voice and data communication for over a thousand users at a single site without adding new frequencies.


With digital and its TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access), you are using much less power in digital mode than analogue by compression, this means batteries last significantly longer on a single charge.


The Intelligent Audio feature automatically adjusts the volume up and down in response to the level of noise in the workplace. And with MOTOTRBO’s background noise suppression, you can be confident communication is loud and clear.


Hear calls clearly over a greater range. MOTOTRBO digital voice delivers voice integrity and clarity to the limits of coverage. And thanks to DMR TDMA technology, MOTOTRBO delivers twice the call capacity of analogue radios so more workers can use voice and data, without worrying about privacy, or interference.


Unify all of your onsite process and multi task by integrating with your MOTOTRBO Radio System, solutions include: location tracking, alarm integration, dispatch, telephony, man-down and work order ticket management.

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