• Why are portable two-way radios larger than mobile phones?

    MOTOTRBO White Paper – Why are portable two-way radios larger than mobile phones?

      Very interesting questions that are often asked are “Why are two-way radios so BIG?” and “Why can’t two-way radios be made as small as mobile phones?” This paper will address these questions and more. While two-way radio devices allow for voice communications just like mobile phones, they are very different than mobile…

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  • SOLAS Icon

    Upgrade Your Vessels Two Way Radios to be SOLAS Compliant with MOTOTRBO

      The Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) has an amended the SOLAS compliant  II-2/10 regulation requiring ships to carry a minimum of two ATEX hand portable radios for each fire party of firefighters for two-way communication by the 1st July 2018. The safety of your ship, crew, and clients is of paramount…

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  • MOTOTRBO-Impres-Fleet

    What is IMPRES Battery Management?

    MOTOTRBO IMPRES shows you exactly how much capacity is left, so you can squeeze every bit of energy out of MOTOTRBO IMPRES batteries.   Your radio is only as good as the battery that powers it  MOTOTRBO Impres Battery Management can ensure that your MOTOTRBO radio battery never fails. CHEAP BATTERIES…

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  • MOTOTRBO Market Sector Focus Construction

    MOTOTRBO Market Sector Focus : Construction

        As the economy continues to tighten, customers continue to demand lower costs, tighter schedules and even give preference to contractors who employ “green” construction services. Versatile and powerful, Motorola two-way radios can help you respond to those challenges by helping you increase efficiency, safety and work crew productivity.…

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  • MOTOTRBO-Market-Sector-Focus

    MOTOTRBO Market Sector Focus : Healthcare

      How can voice & data communication products & software applications help your healthcare environment be safer, productive and more efficient?   INTEGRATED COMMUNICATIONS We understand your challenges and innovate advanced technology for healthcare. MOTOTRBO healthcare voice & data communication products & software applications can help you improve everyday and emergency communications and…

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  • MOTOTRBO Text Messaging

    Why use MOTOTRBO Text Messaging?

      MOTOTRBO offers faster, easier text messaging What are the MOTOTRBO Text Messaging Features & Benefits?  MOTOTRBO Text Messaging Services provides an easy to use, intuitive interface. A simple configuration enables PC-to-radio Text Messaging offering faster easier text messaging.   WHEN IS TEXTING BEST? • Share real-time information quickly, discreetly, safely • Let…

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  • Features + Benefits of the MOTOTRBO DP4000

    Features + Benefits of the MOTOTRBO™ DP4000e Series Two Way Radios

        What are the benefits & specifications of the MOTOTRBO DP4000e Series Digital Two Way Radios?   The MOTOTRBO DP4000e Series Two Way Radios product group comprises of 3 tiers: MOTOTRBO DP4400e / DP4401e  – this replaced the MOTOTRBO DP4400/ DP3400 and the analogue Motorola GP340 MOTOTRBO DP4600e /…

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  • MOTOTRBO Intelligent Audio Benefits

    What Are The MOTOTRBO Intelligent Audio Features?

        What are the Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO Intelligent Audio Features and how can they benefit your radio users? MOTOTRBO Intelligent Audio features ensure your two-way radios and accessories are loud enough for incoming calls to be heard clearly. But in a noisy lorry, retail shopping centres, on super yachts…

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  • MOTOTRBO maritime certified

    MOTOTRBO maritime certified for deployment onboard vessels

        MOTOTRBO MARITIME CERTIFIED FOR DEPLOYMENT ONBOARD VESSELS Selected MOTOTRBO DP4000e Series portables, DM4000e Series mobiles and SLR 5500 repeaters have been Maritime certified for deployment on board vessels for non-operation critical communication. The new certification includes both analogue and digital mode operation so the advanced functionality of MOTOTRBO…

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  • Market Sector Focus Super Yachts

    Market Sector Focus : Super Yachts

      How can VesselWatch streamline your super yacht MOTOTRBO two-way radio system?   Through a series of easy to manage apps, VesselWatch will strengthen your security and keep your staff, guests & vessel safer than ever before, allowing you to work in real-time by providing swift responses to any situation whether…

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  • What is MOTOTRBO

    What is MOTOTRBO ?

      What is MOTOTRBO & how can it benefit my organisation? MOTOTRBO is a Motorola Solutions digital radio product group made up voice & data products: Hand portable Two Way Radios Mobile Radios Repeaters Single & Multi-Site Software Systems Data Apps such as alarm control, telephone interconnect, voice recording and solar powered control…

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  • Certas Energy

    Case Study – Certas Energy Choose MOTOTRBO™ ATEX

      Certas Energy Choose MOTOTRBO™ ATEX Radio Communications Equipment Project Focus – Certas Energy Products Utilised – MOTOTRBO DP4000 ATEX Radio Rollout   Certas Energy is Britain’s largest independent distributor of fuels, lubricants and complimentary services for home and business. Due to the highly hazardous areas which the teams work in they required radio…

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