Safety & Security Ecosystem


Safety & Security Ecosystem is our modular ecosystem that unifies voice, data, video and analytics in one connected platform. Allowing organisations to better detect, analyse, communicate and respond appropriately to inefficiencies as well as potential threats.

Advanced video cameras provide unprecedented situational awareness, powerful analytics focus attention on what’s important, intuitive software aggregates, analyses and shares information and instant voice and data communications reliably connects teams across workflows and zones.

These technologies can be used in schools, hospitals, airports, stadiums, utilities and manufacturing facilities and hospitality venues to keep everyone safe and connected.

Safety & Security Ecosystem Partner Program

Safety and security are more important than ever, and we understand that seamless integration of technology and human expertise is key. The Motorola Solutions Safety & Security Ecosystem is designed to fortify organisations by safeguarding their people, fortifying their assets, and streamlining their operations. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology, teams can operate with heightened safety and efficiency, ensuring prompt responses and resolutions while minimising weaknesses for disruptions and threats.

At the heart of this ecosystem lies safety, enabling organisations from sectors such as education, health, transport etc. to flourish. Employees, staff, and individuals can find solace in their work, learning, and living environments knowing that resources are optimally allocated, and operational efficiencies are maximised across the board.

Explore each vertical below to delve deeper into the Safety & Security Ecosystem and uncover how it can revolutionise safety protocols and support communication and security in industries such as yours.


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Safer Stadiums

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Safer Manufacturing

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