Telephone Interconnect App

Telephone Interconnect

Two Way Radio App

Telephone interconnect for two way radio brings all the benefits and functionalities of a DMR digital radio system whilst enabling you to operate under one private business critical mobile telephony network. This product allows digital radios to communicate with phones while accessing familiar telephony features. The software application is installed onto your digital radios as well as onto a standard server which connects radio networks to the telephony world. The solution is a cost-effective alternative to mobile phones and Wi-Fi telephony systems for corporate mobile workforces. Remote radio users in distress have instant access to emergency channels from locations where there is little or no mobile phone coverage.

Significant Cost Savings

Eliminate recurring mobile phone costs by implementing two-way radio telephone interconnect and extend your telephony network’s footprint. A telephone interconnected radio system is a cost effective alternative to expensive Wi-Fi telephony systems; while Wi-Fi networks need access points in every room, two-way radios only require a repeater that can cover a radius of up to of 20 miles; penetrating effectively through walls and ceilings. This solution provides better coverage at a fraction of the cost.

It gives supervisors and managers the ability to reach employees on their radios from any phone, anywhere, anytime. Moreover, individual radio users and talk groups can make and receive phone calls allowing them to stay connected with management.

Greater Coverage

Telephone Interconnect provides mobile telephony coverage where mobile phone providers cannot. By enabling telephony on your radio network, it leverages the powerful range and in-building radio penetration of digital radios. It allows users to place and receive calls anywhere within a 20-mile radius of the radio infrastructure. You achieve greater control over your private mobile telephony network reducing your dependency on mobile phone carriers and allowing employees to stay connected all the time – whether it be from an underground parking lot or a remote campus location where mobile phone providers are unable to provide coverage.