MOTOTRBO Market Sector Focus : Healthcare


How can voice & data communication products & software applications help your healthcare environment be safer, productive and more efficient?



We understand your challenges and innovate advanced technology for healthcare. MOTOTRBO healthcare voice & data communication products & software applications can help you improve everyday and emergency communications and enhance external collaboration with other providers and public safety. By integrating with all other forms of communication you can unify your on-site processes – choose to link smart phones, pagers, tablets, workstations and email to your digital two-way radio system.

Motorola Solutions is at the forefront of developing secure, reliable, resilient technology that transforms healthcare. Unlike other wireless systems, digital two-way radio means you aren’t dependent on an external network or commercial carrier for a real-time flow of information. When a crisis occurs, you’ll have private, “always available” communications to streamline collaboration and speed response.



Whether it is an aggressive patient or a threatening visitor entering with a weapon, it is critical for hospitals, walk-in centres and high-security units to prevent incidents and resolve them quickly when they occur. As an employer, you have a duty of care to provide your staff with the correct security measures and communication systems in place to handle crisis prevention and crisis management.

MOTOTRBO Healthcare Voice & Data Communication Products can assist you in meeting your requirements as an employer.




User Scenario healthcare voice & data communication products & software applicationsRecommended MOTOTRBO healthcare voice & data communication products & software applications 

In addition to our products and services being provided on smart phones, pagers, tablets, workstations and email we would recommend the following:

dp4400 frontThe Simple One – DP4400(1)e – Offering PTT comms for staff who need a quick action form of communication (GPS Option available). The latest energy technology provides up to 28 hours of battery life. Take a closer look. 


dp4800 frontThe Productive One – DP4800(1)e  – Text Messaging & Work Order Ticketing simplifies complex communications (GPS Option available).  Take a closer look.


sl4000 frontThe Sleek One – SL4000e  – This mobile phone type radio is ideal for staff away from the manufacturing floor such as management, admin and front of house staff. Take a closer look.

WAVE on cloud seamless iconWave OnCloud  – A Push-to-Talk (PTT) service that connects phones, PC’S & radios – all while making the most of your existing resources, systems and investments.  Learn More Here.


lone worker orange iconLone Worker – Increase in worker safety and gives users a means of raising the alarm within an organisation allowing you to follow set health & safety policies. Learn More Here. 


MOTOTRBO Alarm management iconAlarm Management – Comprehensive handling of multiple alarms and alerts, all delivered to your two-way digital radio and by SMS. Learn More Here.















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