Case Study – Cygnet Health Care Hospitals MOTOTRBO Realt Time Radio System

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Cygnet Health Care Hospitals offer a range of secure mental health services for men and women in a purpose-built therapeutic environment where the focus is on maximising positive outcomes and recovery.


One of the hospitals highest priorities is to continue their high level of patient care, and they can perform these duties through reliable, robust communications between their six individual wards, first aid and management.

When their mixed manufacturer analogue system began to show resilience issues Cygnet Hospital knew they needed to look for a new, future-proof fully integrated two-way radio solution that could incorporate both voice and data and be able to provide reliable communications to enable any member of staff to be located on their site both indoors and outdoors.


After trials were run with two companies Cygnet Hospital chose DCRS and the MOTOTRBO range of digital radio equipment. Footprint coverage tests were carried out, and it was clear that they delivered better coverage, increased call capacity and gave crisp, clear audio performance. The Management team at the Hospital understood that when the equipment was rolled out they would benefit from other advantages digital two-way radio gives such as extended emergency response features and extended battery life for the 24/7 security and patient monitoring they provide.

“With broken messages and dead spots the hospital was in dire need of modernising their two-way radio system, and the MOTOTRBO range ticked every box they highlighted to us. Giving them a safe, stable platform to communicate on” Graham Stokes, Business Development Manager, DCRS.

With so many factors at play, they needed to ensure that the system would deliver the right solution to every user, this meant utilising the different product levels of MOTOTRBO. The hospital chose just over 70 digital two-way radios in total made up of the MOTOTRBO DP4600 for all runners and management, the MOTOTRBO DP4400 for first aiders based on each ward and individually issued MOTOTRBO DP1400 for every member of the nursing team.

When personalising the system, the management team decided upon individual ids and colour coded aerials for each user group to allow for ease of identification. All of the radios were programmed with an auto transmit (open mic) function which is activated when their designated emergency button is pressed. This allows for all personnel to be notified of an emergency which requires assistance.



The delivery of this real-time Motorola Solutions digital two-way radio system has dramatically increased every member of staff’s safety and allows them to respond and react to difficult situations throughout their site without the hindrance of a patchy signal, or broken conversation, ensuring they adhere to strict guidelines within their market sector.



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