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#Wirelesswednesday | Audio Accessories – Buy Cheap, Buy Twice?


As consumers, we are always looking for the best quality products at the lowest cost, so when it comes to business purchases are we any different?

Too often we see business two-way radio users choose lower end, poorly manufactured audio accessories which do not comply with regulation due to them not being factored in as a necessity when budgetary figures were drawn up. Staff may buy their own which in turn can then affect your manufacturer’s warranty.

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You do not want to limit your team who utilise audio accessories on a day to day basis by compromising on quality which in turn could compromise their productivity & safety.

From experience we know that genuine audio accessories are a key component and give:
• Clarity
• Reliable performance
• Product longevity

> Low cost does not necessarily mean poor quality – if you buy direct
If the price is key for you all the major manufacturers offered here in the UK today have lower cost alternatives with in their portfolio; they have all been tested to their standards to work seamlessly alongside their product groups. They will not only help you benefit from the full features in your radio but also deliver clear, crisp and concise messages.

What should I consider?
Make sure they are CE Marked, buy them from an Authorised Partner
Any regulations within your market sector in regards to the broadcasting of radio messages
The environment you are using them – do they need to be discrete, cancel out noise, be comfortable for users who will need to wear them all day, are they easy to clean

See how Motorola demonstrated non-genuine accessories working with their two-way radios

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