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What are the benefits of MOTOTRBO™ Two Way Radio in Healthcare ?


In Healthcare reliable communication tools are vital and you need to create an environment that is safe and secure, where staff can perform at their best – MOTOTRBO™ Digital two-way radio & applications can assist. With Two Way Radio you aren’t dependent on an external network,  or unreliable coverage for a real-time flow of information.

Whether your property is a single site, contains multiple buildings or a complex facility, our integrated solutions can help you improve everyday processes, allowing you to manage workflow and incidents & emergencies by offering safety for all levels of workers.


What are your product options?


Reception, Patient Services and Support Workers 

Prevent incidents from happening and respond quickly and efficiently when they do.  The MOTOTRBO™ SL1600 and SL4000 Offer a Slim and Discrete communication platform, by utilising built-in applications such as lone worker or man down all staff feel safe no matter where their location. Connect telephone users to the right radio user by dialling a number on their landline phone.


Nurse Stations 

Real-time communications can assist with staff coordination and collaboration to create a safe environment for patients and visitors. The MOTOTRBO™ SL1600 offers simple and reliable push-to-talk communications for the mobile, everyday user. With Encrypted Job Ticketing Integration, you can co-ordinate patient care and manage your workforce.


Facilities, Security and Maintenance

Facilities, security and maintenance teams keep operations running smoothly throughout your site. The faster they can respond to a request, the better the experience is for patients, visitors and staff. The MOTOTRBO™ DP4000 Series can give a tiered level radio system for all users to allow them to utilise a handset that will help them carry out their tasks throughout the day.

Assign tasks to individual employees and receive a confirmation when it has been completed, via a fully reportable system. You can coordinate and manage issues more efficiently and discreetly, and track staff performance and responsiveness.



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Wondering what your options are?  Radio Systems can raise the standards of patient care and reduce stress for all teams involved.
Why not download this leaflet which details products and applications that are designed specifically for your environment.


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