• MOTOTRBO Market Sector Focus Retail

    MOTOTRBO Market Sector Focus : Retail

      MOTOTRBO Retail Voice and Data Radio Communication Systems can increase efficiency, protect lone workers and help you go green with your onsite processes     MOTOTRBO retail voice and data radio communication solutions can protect, enhance and unify. Whether it’s on the shop floor assisting a client, in the…

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  • MOTOTRBO Market Sector Focus Construction

    MOTOTRBO Market Sector Focus : Construction

        As the economy continues to tighten, customers continue to demand lower costs, tighter schedules and even give preference to contractors who employ “green” construction services. Versatile and powerful, Motorola two-way radios can help you respond to those challenges by helping you increase efficiency, safety and work crew productivity.…

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  • MOTOTRBO-Market-Sector-Focus

    MOTOTRBO Market Sector Focus : Healthcare

      How can voice & data communication products & software applications help your healthcare environment be safer, productive and more efficient?   INTEGRATED COMMUNICATIONS We understand your challenges and innovate advanced technology for healthcare. MOTOTRBO healthcare voice & data communication products & software applications can help you improve everyday and emergency communications and…

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  • Market Sector Focus Super Yachts

    Market Sector Focus : Super Yachts

      How can VesselWatch streamline your super yacht MOTOTRBO two-way radio system?   Through a series of easy to manage apps, VesselWatch will strengthen your security and keep your staff, guests & vessel safer than ever before, allowing you to work in real-time by providing swift responses to any situation whether…

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  • The Blackpool Tower MOTOTRBO

    Case Study – The Blackpool Tower

      The Blackpool Tower choose their digital upgrade technology, proven by over 1 million users – MOTOTRBO – to cover their expansive construction.   The Blackpool Tower is one of Britain’s most loved & iconic landmarks, with eight different rooms and five amazing attractions including a Circus & Glass Skywalk…

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  • 2 way radio Manufacturing-Plant

    MOTOTRBO Market Sector Focus : Manufacturing

    How can MOTOTRBO Manufacturing Voice & Data Radio Communication Products products help your manufacturing environment to be more productive and efficient? Manufacturers know that downtime is detrimental to their plant performance and a stalled production line upsets workflow.  This can create a domino effect that results in missed deadlines, lost revenues and…

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  • Senvion_MOTOTRBO_Case_Study

    Case Study – Senvion Wind Energy Solutions

      Senvion Wind Energy Solutions roll out MOTOTRBO Radio Fleet   With over 26 years in the business and more than 7,500 wind turbine installations Senvion has one of the most renowned names in the industry. Since its launch in the UK in 2003, Senvion has installed GW onshore and…

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  • Resorts_World_Case_Study

    Case Study – Resorts World Birmingham

      Resorts World Birmingham Choose Trusted Brand for Voice & Data Communications System. At seven stories high covering 538,000 square feet, it is now the largest casino in the UK. This cruise ship shaped building offers a shopping outlet and leisure & entertainment complex comprising of 50 retail units, a…

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  • Wave-OnCloud banner

    #Wirelesswednesday – What is Wave OnCloud ?

      What is Wave OnCloud? WAVE OnCloud is a Push-to-Talk (PTT) service that connects phones, computers and radios together – all whilst making the most of your existing resources, systems and investments. Because it lives in the cloud, WAVE OnCloud is inherently cost effective. The service is easy to use and…

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  • TRBOnet_ibeacons

    #Wirelesswednesday – iBeacon Updates for TRBOnet Software Announced

      iBeacon Updates for TRBOnet Software Announced If your MOTOTRBO radio is equipped with GPS and Bluetooth modules (E Series Radios), you can quickly improve your capabilities by placing an optional card with TRBOnet Software installed. The latest version of the Software includes:   1.- Efficient Traceability in environments with iBeacons Last…

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  • Alarm-Handling

    #Wirelesswednesday – Save Time & Money with an Alarm Handler

      It is calculated that the Uk loses over £1 billion in GDP due to false alarms. An example of this is with fire incidents, throughout 2015/2016 the HSE reported of the 529,000 incidents attended by Fire and Rescue Services in England 40% (214,000) were false alarms.  Here at DCRS…

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