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VesselWatch is an intelligent software that expands the capabilities of your two-way radio system. Designed to be agile, it will adapt to your world, it can be tailored to suit your needs, fit your budget and solve your problems; there should be no need to compromise.

Through a world of easy to manage apps, VesselWatch will strengthen your security and keep you safer than ever before. It will help you to work much more efficiently and ensure maximum comfort for your guests.


VesselWatch offers a series of alarm and monitoring applications, developed to warn you of adverse changes in vessel, personal situation or weather conditions. All designed to keep you and your crew safe, plus ultimately saving lives.

  • Alarm monitoring – By integrating with the vessels’ alarm systems,  can immediately send detailed alarm notifications directly to the relevant individual or group.
  • Lone Worker Alarm – Lone worker status can be allocated to individual radios. VesselWatch will act as a dead man alarm, alerting the crew if no response is received.
  • Man Overboard Alarm – When the radio is submerged, instantaneously alerts all crew to respond to the incident.
  • Adverse Weather Alarm – Provides advanced warning of major weather events, through monitoring of the global weather network.


Owners and guests alike will delight at the ease of smart, one touch ordering and an exceptional level of service. Combined with the benefit of an end to duplicate responses to service requests. These sophisticated VesselWatch applications will ensure an enriched experience for all on-board.

  • Hospitality Suite – Guests can browse bespoke menus on their tablet, phone or AV system and order food and drink at the press of a button. This clever application sends the order to the bar or kitchen, also contacting a steward for delivery.
  • Integration – Can effortlessly unify with your on-board AV and guest service call buttons, to provide a heightened experience with minimal disruption.
  • Crew Call – Transform a smartphone or tablet into a Crew Call button and conjure a crew member in an instant. One touch sends an immediate service request, once the crew accept the call, instant confirmation is sent to show whom is responding to the request.
  • Quick Ordering – One click, fast ordering for most commonly requested items.


We take the security of you and your vessel seriously. VesselWatch will arm you with the tools you need to protect guest and crew, as well as guarding your assets.

  • Tender Tow –  Alerts the crew immediately when tender-on-tow moves out of range, allowing corrective action to be taken.
  • Remote Alarm, Door and Light Control – Use quick commands to control lighting, sound, fans and on-board devices from your handsets.
  • Motion Sensor Alarm – VesselWatch generates an alert when a PIR motion sensor is tripped. This can be sent to a specific radio or group of radios.
  • Remote Handset Shutdown – Ensure communications are never compromised, with the ability to monitor and remotely shut down handsets.


Created to help your vessel run smoothly and improve efficiency; whilst keeping you in-line with current regulations. VesselWatch provides you with a suite of easy to use applications, that lets you view at a glance and manage the activities of crew and vessel.

  • Job Timetable – Fulfils a pre-planned schedule of activities. Sending instantaneous or time delayed notifications to the allocated member of the crew.
  • Downtime Compliance Monitor – Ensure compliance with maritime employment laws. Automatically logs hours of rest and hours of work over a 7-day period, for every crew member.
  • Report Generator – Monitoring your vessel has never been simpler. VesselWatch gives you the power to generate reports on all aspects of your full vessel.
  • Essential Task Scheduling – Never miss another crucial check or maintenance task. Automatically sends a reminder to the relevant crew member, logs the task completion and provides you with a legal record of achievement.


Unifying your communications is now achievable through these well equipped applications. Now you don’t need to carry and maintain multiple devices, with VesselWatch you can simplify and switch.

  • Dual VHF/ UHF – VesselWatch enables seamless communication between UHF and Marine VHF radios.
  • Ping Alarm – VesselWatch scans the vessels IT network and notifies the relevant crew when equipment goes offline.
  • Voice Alerts – Receive real-time voice notifications to your existing legacy and non-display radios.
  • Radio SMS – Communicate with crew by texting direct from your smart phone to a radio handset.