New MOTOTRBO System & Radio Based Features


Motorola Solutions  release their New MOTOTRBO System & Radio Based Features software


Certificate Based Wi-Fi Access (WPA-Enterprise 802.1x)

This new software increases security and deployability of devices for your radio network(s).

  • Makes managing, deploying and updating your devices is easier
  • Reduces the risk of snooping – Uses certificates instead of passphrases to access network
  • You will not get access until your device authenticates.



New Capacity Max Features

MOTOTRBO can now deploy a Capacity Max system with either a shared or dedicated control channel.

CUSTOMER SCENARIO  –  A customer has 6 channels available to them, and require 6 talkgroups.

  • RESULT BEFORE R2.9 – To deploy Capacity Max, one channel is required to be used as a dedicated control channel. This would leave the customer with 5 channels for their 6 talkgroups – not meeting the customer requirements.
  • RESULT AFTER R2.9  – Allows for Capacity Max to be deployed with a dedicated control channel or a shared channel. Now the customer can choose either a Capacity Plus or a Capacity Max system.


Enhanced Telephony Capacity Max Features – Increased Interoperability and DMR Tier 3 Compliance
  • Your workers are more connected, whether using a radio or telephone
  • Supports 3 types of patch calls
    • Radio to landline
    • Landline to radio
    • Landline to talkgroup
  • 3 dialling methods (Display models only)
    • Manual dialling*
    • Address book dialling*
    • One touch dialling
  • DMR Tier 3 compliance


Priority Call – Capacity Max Features

Increases flexibility and control for high capacity systems.

  • Prioritize calls that are urgent, but not an emergency
  • Transmission types supported
    •  Voice Call
    •  Remote Monitor
    • Data Call
  • DMR Tier 3 compliance


MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus Priority Call













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