Product Focus – NEW IMPRES IP68 Remote Speaker Microphone


NEW IMPRES™ IP68 Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) With Volume Toggle Switch Released For MOTOTRBO DP4000E Series And Tetra MTP6000 Series

This new large IP68 Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) from Motorola Solutions has been designed to the same level of robustness as your two way radio solution.

This IMPRES™ IP68 Remote Speaker Microphone is specifically designed to provide a better performance outdoors in bad weather thanks to its windporting technology. This dramatically reduces the noise caused by howling winds and harsh weather and it also prevents water from clogging the microphone and distorting your transmission.  It can withstand dust, dirt and sand and is water submersible as deep as 2 metres for 2 hours.


Where your operational needs call for toughness associated with performance, the PMMN4099B IMPRES RSM will deliver optimized, loud and clear audio performance so that you can stay safe and focus on the task at hand. It includes a high/low volume toggle switch, orange emergency button, one additional

programmable button and a 3.5mm audio jack.



  • Dimensions (WxLxD): 60 x 78mm x 28mm (without clip)
  • Acoustic: Windporting Omni-Directional
  • Housing: Large
  • Emergency Button: Yes
  • Volume Control: High/Low toggle
  • Programmable Button: Yes (one)
  • IP Rating: IP68 – UL-TIA4950 Div 1 Class I, II & III, Div 2 Class I, II & III (DP4000e Series)
  • Audio Jack 3.5mm: Yes


  • MOTOTRBO DP4000e series (DP4400 / 4401 / 4600 / 4601 / 4800 /4801 and  TETRA MTP6000 Series Two Way Radios
  • Compatible earpieces: MDRLN4941 (UL), MDRLN4885 (UL), WADN4190 (UL), PMLN7560 (Non UL) and PMLN7396 (Non UL)



PMMN4099B – IP68 Large Remote Speaker Microphone


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