MOTOTRBO maritime certified

MOTOTRBO maritime certified for deployment onboard vessels




Selected MOTOTRBO DP4000e Series portables, DM4000e Series mobiles and SLR 5500 repeaters have been Maritime certified for deployment on board vessels for non-operation critical communication. The new certification includes both analogue and digital mode operation so the advanced functionality of MOTOTRBO can now be fully implemented for onboard MOTOTRBO maritime installations.

The Declaration of Conformity (DoC) certificates for these MOTOTRBO models have been updated to reflect the Maritime certification.


MOTOTRBO maritime products



slr5000 right




MOTOTRBO DP4000e Family

MOTOTRBO DP4000 Series




dm4400 left

DM4000 Series



The relevant standards that MOTOTRBO maritime has been certified to meet are:

Compass Safe Distance: 

EN 301 843-1 (by similarity to EN60945)
EN 301 843-2 (by similarity to EN60945)

EN300 720 v2.1.1 (analogue / digital mode)
EN300 720 currently applies to analogue mode and 6.25kHz FDMA digital mode, so for 12.5kHz 2-slot TDMA (DMR) digital mode MOTOTRBO was assessed by a RED / MED

Notified Body and a type-examination certificate issued

Same as Radio Equipment Directive (RED) safety standards


The current International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) regulations require vessels constructed on or after 1 July 2014 to carry at least two intrinsically safe portable communications devices for fire-fighter communications. SOLAS does not mandate Maritime compliancy for these fire-fighter communication devices nor does it mandate a specific intrinsically safe standard. As such, this SOLAS requirement can currently be satisfied by Motorola Solutions DP4000e UL/TIA and DP4000 Ex portables.

Until now fire-fighter communications devices have fallen outside the scope of the EU Marine Equipment Directive (MED). However, MED updates are currently being drafted to include firefighters two-way radio telephone apparatus. It is expected that this draft shall be presented to the Committee on Safe Seas and the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (COSS) for endorsement in March 2018. As it currently stands, the draft references a number of standards for fire-fighter communications devices including SOLAS, ATEX and the previously mentioned standards applicable to the Maritime certification of DP4000e, DM4000e and SLR5500.

Once the updated EU MED comes into force, any fire-fighter communications devices deployed on board vessels registered in MED countries shall be required to comply with the updated EU MED which in summary calls for Maritime certified ATEX portables.

Motorola Solutions is currently working on the Maritime certification of the UHF DP4000 Ex portables (for both analogue and digital mode), and we expect to complete this activity in advance of the updated MED coming into force. In the meantime, DP4000 Ex fully complies with the SOLAS requirement for intrinsically safe portable communications devices for fire-fighter communications.


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