The NEW MOTOTRBO IMPRES ATEX Multi Charger offers a smaller and lighter platform with integrated programming and fleet management features for all current and future radio families across the MOTOTRBO ATEX and non ATEX portable two way radios. This introduction is the first of a series of multi-unit chargers that allow up to 6 radios or batteries to be charged simultaneously as well as support integrated data upload to an IMPRES Battery Fleet Management System without the need for a separate CIU (Charging Interface Unit).

MOTOTRBO IMPRES ATEX multi charger additional new features include:
• Two display modes for enhanced display data capabilities
• Set up mode enables the user to customise the charger for their specific use (battery storage mode, enabling/disabling calibration or reconditioning display format selection, power saver selection)
• Diagnostic mode enables the charger to read IMPRES battery data similar to the IMPRES battery reader (date of first use, number of charge cycles and capacity details)
• Battery analyzer mode (for example end of service life)
• One combined model offering single display scalable to 6-unit display via software upgrade
• Preparing Lithium-Ion batteries for shipment
• Long-term battery storage

Lithium Transportation

In order to comply with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulation stating that lithium-ion cells and batteries must be offered for transport at a State of Charge (SoC) not exceeding 30% of their rated design capacity, the charger sets the State of Charge of the battery to a low value (typically 25% of rated capacity) permitting for bulk air cargo shipment.

Long-Term Storage

The new MOTOTRBO IMPRES ATEX Multi Charger can also be set for long-term storage enabling the IMPRES battery to reach a State of Charge suitable for storage for a long period of time in an environmentally-controlled storage location or facility. Using the display, a series of options allows choosing a default of 50% of rated capacity or customizing the values required based on what is stored in the battery memory. Long-term storage at 75% rated capacity is also available for scenarios requiring the stored battery to be at a higher SoC, minimizing full-charge time if the battery must be quickly fielded.


Specifications /  Characteristics of the new MOTOTRBO IMPRES ATEX Multi Charger

Weight: 3.9kg
Dimensions (L x W x H): 445 x 170 x 116 mm
Chemistry: Ni-MH, Li-Ion
Technology: IMPRES
Power source: 120-240 VAC
Number of pockets: 6
Number of displays: 1 (future feature: scalable to 6-unit display via software upgrade)
PMPN4290A – IMPRES 6-Way Multi-Unit Charger with UK cord

MOTOTRBO Radio Compatibility

Non ATEX models: DP4000/DP4000e and DP2000/DP2000e Series
ATEX models: DP4000 Ex Series and DP4000 Ex Ma Series


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