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Get Your Message Across With MOTOTRBO™ Intelligent Audio


MOTOTRBO™ digital two-way radios are designed to have the clearest audio, with best-in-class features that provide you with consistent sound quality.

There are so many user scenarios where it can prove difficult to hear a transmission due to a noisy working environment such as a concert, factory floor, construction site, or where urgent radio communications are vital for emergency situations, and they cannot be missed. This is where MOTOTRBO™ two-way radios come into a class of their own with their audio features:

  • Intelligent Audio Your radio monitors background noise and adjusts the speaker volume, so you don’t have to.
  • Audio Feedback Suppressor Your radio blocks acoustic feedback from other radios to eliminate unpleasant “howling”.
  • Wind porting Minimises wind noise so that you can communicate clearly in severe weather.
  • Microphone Distortion Control Your radio adjusts its microphone to match your voice, so your call is never distorted.


Lastly, choose genuine MOTOTRBO™ IMPRES™ Audio Accessories

Don’t compromise on quality choose Motorola’s IMPRES™ audio accessories which help suppress ambient noise, amplify loudness and improve voice intelligibility. That means a whisper into a 3-wire surveillance mic is heard clearly, or a message spoken into an RSM on a factory floor is heard despite background noise.

IMPRES audio accessories provide two-way audio quality that is loud, clear and intelligible in analogue and digital modes.

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