The Blackpool Tower MOTOTRBO

Case Study – The Blackpool Tower


The Blackpool Tower choose their digital upgrade technology, proven by over 1 million users – MOTOTRBO – to cover their expansive construction.


The Blackpool Tower is one of Britain’s most loved & iconic landmarks, with eight different rooms and five amazing attractions including a Circus & Glass Skywalk housing up to 2000 guests a reliable communication system is imperative for both staff and visitors.

The Radio System brief was to bring a digital radio solution to the table that had multiple uses, was fully encrypted and ease of maintenance over the long term which would replace their existing analogue radio system. After carrying out a test & trial with three significant manufacturers radio communications equipment, the team at Blackpool Tower decided upon a MOTOTRBO digital radio system as their prefered technology.

The communication solution from Motorola Solutions ticked every box on their list of requirements not only giving them a professional and multi-disciplined tool but also providing twice the calling capacity with TDMA technology and offering cost savings on their OFCOM radio license.


dp4600 left

One of the challenges in the planning and designing of Blackpool Towers communications system was the sheer size of the structure the radio signal needed to work around, at 158 metres tall with 2,493 tons of steel and 93 tons of cast iron, we had to ensure there were no blackspots. After a full site survey, a MOTOTRBO Repeater System with a centralised antenna was installed which gave a robust network platform to communicate on.

The MOTOTRBO DP4600e hand portable was the chosen model for the staff requirements.  The screen on the MOTOTRBO DP4600e displays a caller ID which allows everyone to be visible, communicate reliably and instantly, individually or as groups while the Security Team can track & monitor everyone through their fixed mobile.

Grouped with IMPRES™ technology the hand portable two-way radios provide the team with extended talk time and more precisely better audio delivery as there is no longer any issues with static and noise.


Along with the outstanding voice capabilities of the MOTOTRBO hand portables, the Management Team also took the opportunity to have text messaging enabled. Reading a text message can be easier than a voice broadcast in a loud/high noise environment or when sensitive information is being transmitted/communicated.  All of the text messages are archived onto a database for full reportability.


The Blackpool Tower MOTOTRBO migration to digital radio has given them a more modern communications platform that offers a robust user experience which has significantly improved communication on every level by reducing response times incidents are being dealt with more efficiently and health and safety work/site safety criteria have been met.


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